Tuesday, May 12, 2009


why do I have an obsession with intentionally spelling things wrong? It has been with me as long as I can remember and I just can't seem to shake that habit. it's 11:15 p.m. so sisters...i DO stay up past 9:30 unlike what you guys believe. I'm sitting alone in the school room...silently....

Today was a long and good day. I got up to Addie and Eva telling me to "GET UP!!!" I always wonder about moms that have the discipline to set an alarm for some crazy time to excercise. I sleep until I have people shoving me out of bed.

we did Addie's school really early and ate breakfast while we did her lessons and finished up in time for me to teach a piano lesson to an adult student who has become a really good friend. we always end up laughing hysterically because she won't start the song...she just keeps apologizing for how bad it is and then right when she's about to play...she says "I'm really sorry." This continues usually for like an hour past our lesson time because we get on strange subjects and books we've read and whatever.

Addie and Eva played together well for most of the day with only a couple Dr. visits. (pretend world dr. visits) We chased bee's outside with a flyswatter to keep them away from the swingset...they are those wood burrowing bees and they are SO not eating my swingset!

We found a tiny little birds nest in our bush and it used a trash bag to build it's birds nest. reduce reuse recycle with me...come on now! Seriously that slogan, "reduce reuse recycle" makes me want to hurl my honey nut cheerios. can't go there!

we stayed outside and soaked up this lovely day and planted a bunch of flowers. I felt like ONE with the Earth!! especially as I viciously killed the earth with a horrible chemical weed killer that I sprayed on all of the poison ivy along the back fence. Then we found a large dead mouse chilly caught. Then I was trying to kill bees. so although we were bringing things to beautiful life...we were also witnessing horror and death. all in one delightful evening.


Rachel H said...

You are so funny Millie. Life and Death...it's so part of the natual cycle of things, isn't it? I always think...when there were no humans, certain animals went extinct..maybe then it was just supposed to happen that way. Why do we humans have to mess with that? =)

Amelia said...

I would happily eradicate all the wood burrowing bee's single handedly. although I guess they are supposed to be friendly.....they just look really frightening.