Saturday, May 30, 2009

a quickie

a quickie post before my students get's saturday. joy of joys.

the cvs lady seriously has it OUT FOR ME!!

I frequent (love that word) the CVS on the corner about once a week because it's really close to my house so I'll get the random stuff I haven't bought a pound of gummy worms or a gallon of milk or whatever.

The check out lady is this 60 ish gray bobbed lady who wouldn't smile even if someone was tickling her armpits I'm sure.

but she is out to get me...

One day I went to check out and she would not come to the counter even though the whole CVS was empty and she stood about 5 feet away from me organizing the grocery cart full of sale candy. So I stood there just staring at her for like 5 WHOLE minutes before she felt the need to come check me out and this was after I like....coughed and walked past her a couple of times.

I just thought maybe she didn't really see me. So the next time I went in...I did the same thing. I waited at the counter while she looked at me out of the corner of her eye while she finished like organizing the gum rack.

then I asked for stamps and she was like ..."Okay." So I bought my stuff and went out and looked for my stamps and she never even gave them to me.

So then I had to run back in and tell her she forgot my stamps and she totally squinted her eyes at me like I was telling a lie and asked to see my receipt.

Two days ago I walked into CVS. I give her the eyeball(not literally) as I buy 3 packs of gummies and I once again need stamps. (why don't I just start paying my bills online like every other person on the planet?) She rings me up. Then I swipe my card and I'm like..."Wow stamps have really gotten expensive." Because my bill was like $19. And she was like...Oooh Maybe. Then I looked at my receipt and it had a People Magazine on it for like 4 dollars. I ran back to the counter once again and I said.....I didn't buy a magazine! And there she was holding a people magazine and reading it!

That lady totally tried to make me buy her magazine. She didn't even look ashamed she was just like....Whoops. And then she had to re enter everything.

. But I kind of want to go back just to see what she's going to do next..hmmm


The Cochran Family said...

me too! that is so funny!

Rachel H said...

AUUGGH!! That is hilarious...

Amy Stratton-Duling said...

That is terrifying, though slightly intriguing. I do want to know what she will do next! We should hang out soon lady