Saturday, April 3, 2010


I never wake up at night unless someone is throwing up on me or crying. I guess it's the lot of an exhausted pregnant woman that Nothing will wake you up except tragedy.
BUT I think my newest puker might be coming soon.
It's almost 1 and I've had some pretty good contractions...
so now I'm going through my music and gathering a book to read and writing down every important number.
oh and don't forget makeup, hairstuff and a bra. and something to wear home from the hospital.
And a camera.
I think my little boy just really didn't want two extremely sad sisters on Easter since I fell asleep at like 9 and danny went to bed and neither of us remembered to help the easter bunny out. I have to speak in code because some little eyes read my blog.'s been a while since I felt a contraction so I better go back to bed. Maybe the only reason I had them was to get my lazy bod out of bed and finish business.
come on....I want an easter baby!

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