Thursday, April 22, 2010

harvey honeymoon

I remember hearing someone say the first two weeks of your baby's life you are on a "babymoon" where you literally fall in love with your new child. My hormones are baby love raging. I am weepy with tears of joy for this new nice guy in my life.
isn't he the most handsome thing you've ever seen?
he was sooooo worth it!
mommy + harvey = truuuuuue loooooove


Katrina said...

AWWW! That is soooo sweet Amel! I know exactly how you feel. We better let Malachi and Harvey leave on their missions together so that we can hold each other and bawl like hysterical women that we will be! :-)

Anonymous said...

Amelia.. no matter how "old" your children are you still feel like they are your "babies"! I look at you guys..and see my "babies" are now having babies! Does that seem crazy? Holding Harvey is like holding you when you were born.. He is adorable.. and so were Eva and Addie.. and they still are!! I have been having hormone troubles and feeling emotional about Natalie getting married and Nathan graduating.. !! I can't even think about how fast everyone grows up.. And now Lena and Ade are growing up too fast.. We have to try to live each precious day.. and take pictures in our mind of all the funny and cute things to live on forever... love you sweetie.. mom

Chapman Channel said...

Harvey is sooooooo lovable...I just can't decide who I'm going to snuggle first when I see the babies--Harvey or Malachi first???