Thursday, April 29, 2010

after the birth

of all three of my youngsters my hormones are a mess for a while.

I am just sad....don't know why...but I am.

babies makes me cry, older kids make me cry, the thought of my children going to college someday makes me cry, the thought of them getting married makes me cry,
kids fighting makes me cry
annoying chilly dog makes me cry
the fact I got an epidural and didn't have a perfect easy natural waterbirth makes me cry
Harvey's blue eyes make me cry
and Eva's big brown eyes make me cry
chicken soup for the mothers soul is like postpartum torture.
the fact danny told me to get the baby out during labor made me cry....but that was until he told me I had the story wrong and I already got the epidural when he said that...I was blaming him for my epidural.

men playing frisbee golf in my backyard even made me cry.

But It's clearing....I can feel it.
soon only the worst of stories will make me cry and I won't have this super sensitive soul. It will be back to normal and I'll remember it again only when I am experiencing it again.


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