Saturday, April 24, 2010

I have to take some credit for Nat's lovely dress. A friend had helped start a wedding dress store and we went to check it out because they were selling off everything. There weren't many dresses there but I kept seeing this one which was a long antiquiey lacey thing and I made her try it on. She ended up buying it and altering it a little and she looked GORGEOUS!
The happy couple couldn't get any reminds me of our wedding 9 years ago from the 7th. We celebrated it this year by bringing home our new baby boy :)

I was only partially present (locked away nursing a 12 day old baby and all) but I did snatch a couple pictures here and there.
my handsome wedding date

here's to many more april anniversaries!

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Chapman Channel said...

Cheers to April Anniversaries and April Babies!!!