Monday, November 15, 2010

headache of death

Just thought I'd complain for a moment. I have had for the past couple days the HEADACHE OF DEATH.
I don't really feel sick otherwise. No fever no aches, chills or sore throat really. Just the HEADACHE OF DEATH.

It feels the worst at night and the morning. It also seems to move around my face like a strange creature crawling around my head trying to get out.

I'm thinking of some story I heard a long time ago that involved a guy who went to South America and he had some parasite sit on his head at night and burrow into his scalp and lay a bunch of eggs. Months later he too had a HEADACHE OF DEATH. He awoke to large centipede looking things emerging out of his scalp like a horror movie. I'm praying it's nothing similar to that whatsoever.

The only two things I can narrow it down too are seasonal sinus infection type thing or possibly a tooth that has turned demonic in my mouth and is shooting pains of death through my head. It's that bad.
I'll post the results later.

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