Thursday, November 11, 2010

let it be known

for posterity and all that Harvey said his first word.

heres the story:
I've been slightly psycho about not leaving him since he was born. I guess with number 3 I just realized how fast they grow up and I just like taking him with me everywhere. It feels good to know he's not crying to nurse and I guess all those mommy hormones just keep me feeling high with my little guy. It really does feel like a drug or something. Anyways..not that I would know about drugs. well except vicodin (childbirth HELLO!) and ibuprofen and the occasional crack pipe. Just kidding. but anyways
this takes us to yesterday. I was running out the door to go to a primary presidency meeting and the girls were staying with danny and I was throwing Harvey into the car and Danny was like..."Let me keep him!" I was like...."Ummmm he might need to nurse!"
"Oh he'll be fine! He eats food! He's good! Go!"
So I left and I knew he'd be fine because he is 7 months old.
So they fed him and played with him and when we rejoined together they all announced "Harvey said his first word!!"
"No way!!!"
"Yep" all three verified he truly spoke his first word at 7 months. What a genius I know.......
The girls all were like "DA-da-da-da-da-da"

but guess what my boy said???

MA MA!!!!!!!!!!


SofĂ­a said...

hahaha that's awesome!!! He's so adorable, and way to go getting Mama as the first! And gotta love a good crack pipe right? ;p

Amelia said...

I'm very proud. I think it means I've truly brainwashed him. but he's acting very cool like he would never say mama. I think he's a little big for his britches.