Sunday, November 7, 2010

you little nut

It's November 7th.
I feel melancholy. Harvey is 7 months old and the chiropractor says his lower back is very tense. My poor boy already has tension from his short life.
Eva has been battling eczema.
Addie's best friend quit coming to church and she's very sad.
Danny's muscles just aren't what they should be. (actually I was just staring at Danny and decided to put that in just to see if was reading this blog)
I had a head lice fake out where I was sure I had head lice and I put poison all over my head, then drenched my head in olive oil, then stayed up half the night searching for lice eggs and bugs which I never actually found.

Chilly smells like she's been rolling in dead animals out in the yard and I can't bring myself to give her a bath.

The good things are: Eva doesn't seem to care she's battling eczema and she has a really cute voice that says stuff like "once upon a pime" and "Fop it!!"

Addie just got a cute haircut and she keeps wiggling all her loose teeth.

Harvey's lower back muscles are doing a great job holding up his brutish build.

I think Danny's cute just the way he is. no need for bigger muscles.

I'm lice free.

Chilly is almost 10...only 5 to 7 more years of her smelling like a dead animal.



Chapman Channel said...

haha, you are funny. but you know that. :) Oh, and everett says "bop it" so I totally understand.

Heather Hickerson said...

Amelia, my husband and I both had a good laugh about the Chilly comments. Thanks for sharing!

Amelia said...

hey Heather! I didn't even know you read my blog. How are you??

Anonymous said...

This is a cute post!!!

Katie said...

Technically, after that 5-7 years, Chilly will smell even more like a dead animal. Just sayin'

Lice scare? Didn't your days in the branch get you over that? (Hmmm...Maybe I ought to go find some lightning-resistant surface to go stand on now.)

Katrina said...

So, in the end, Who's the little nut?? haha! :-)We will all greatly mourn Chilly's death when she passes.

Amelia said...

katie- I totally had a lice scare in the dayton branch too. The englewood ward isn't too far off that demographic.

Amelia said...

kat- I just wanted to write you little nut. I need to see malachi and call him a little nut really badly.

Heather Hickerson said...

Hi Amelia... yeah I forget how I found your blog, facebook maybe? It made me laugh the first time I read it and I'm addicted to reading blogs so you were officially added to my list. I rarely comment, sorry to be a "stalker" ;) Anyway... doing well here in good ol' Iowa.

Amelia said...

feel free to be a stalker! Since I pretty much only think my sisters and mom read my blog and I always am telling them to go read my blog but then I tell them the whole story anyways. I'm proud to have a blog stalker. I stalk a few myself! You and your hubby are cute :)