Monday, May 5, 2008


I have a weird obsession with watching "Super Nanny" where I half think she's smart and half hate her guts because she's always mean and evil to the poor family. I guess someone I know knew someone else who met her and they said she is seriously mean in real life and very snobby and rude. So I think I would probably hate the super nanny too. BUT anyways, last week started to seriously drag on and on. I was refusing to drive in a statement against the price of gas but no Iranian oil opec dudes were suffering, just ME and my sanity were suffering. Then Saturday we didn't do anything, really. Then Sunday we didn't really do anything (although before bed I met my sis. and bro in law and neice, lilia and mom and took a lovely walk through the woods) but besides that nothing really. AND I STARTED TO LOSE MY MIND!!!

SO As my mind unravels in the darkness and I think...."I can't start another Monday. I'm seriously going to go to the looney bin and going to have to bite on popsicle sticks and stuff. "
I start venting to Danny about my psychological state and Danny's like "Maybe you need the super nanny."
EEEEEK. That sounded so horrible and terrible I just could imagine the super nanny coming in and telling me all the horrible dysfunctional things in my life. My kids eat breakfast on the couch, they watch more than their share of T.V., one of them is always sleeping with us in bed, we don't even own a crib. Eva is constantly wanting to nurse in public and lifting up my shirt and smacking her lips like she's an obese man and I'm a whopper. I know that Jo or whatever her name is would seriously kick some bootie.
And that's not at all what I want. I just want simply, to leave the house like once a day or every other day and do something as inconsequential as look around at target or hang out with my mom or sister or a friend. So I'm going to forget my strike on oil and go back to my go where you want when you want ways. Sorry i'm just a glutenous american.


Rachel H said...

And I would add to that get yourself a babysitter once a week for either a) date with hubby
or b) outing ALL by YOURSELF
or C) Girls night/afternoon whatever out!

THAT would seriously improve your mood too. =0)

The Cochran Family said...

Hahahahahaha, you are sooo funny! I get totally psycho when I'm indoor for more than a day too. What are we to do! My mom thinks we are close to the apocalips and i need to go buy more food storage...awww she's probably right. I just have this vision of me walking to Missouri in a makeshift hand-cart only with modern rubber wheels..hehe