Friday, May 9, 2008

My gardening inspiration

I Have only KINDA SORTA planted a vegetable garden. We always would say we were planting one but basically we'd throw a bunch of seeds into a square of raised dirt along the back of our house and ignore it until August where I would then scratch my head in confusion when nothing happened really. OR sometimes it would turn into a crazy tomato garden and the humongous squirrels would be running along the fence with big tomatoes carried above their heads like they just hit the jackpot. But I've never had an organized, planned out, functional garden.
SO I heard of someone doing a lasagna garden and I was like.....whats that?
So I looked it up and it looked really interesting but too much work. It's basically layering newspaper, and fertilizer and stuff until it's this big lasagna of perfect planting soil and then it's easy after all the layering business.
Then I looked up square foot gardening. I'm totally going to try it out. For one, I like the man's picture on the front of that book. 2. I've heard alot of good things about it and it seems very orderly and organized and you don't have to drive a roto tiller or anything. You have these cute little perfect 4 by 4 boxes that you plan the exact right amount of seeds and WHALA!! And you don't have to weed, and you can do it anywhere, because you don't use any of your existing soil, you use "MELS MIX" which is a combo of three things you can buy at a garden center.
I'm pretty stoked and hoping it works out!!


Stephanie and Aaron said...

okay, I'm not kidding when I say that one time in the dayton singles ward they combined priesthood and relief society and preached the gospel of square foot gardening for like two hours! There was even a movie! I was converted then... I'm just waiting till we have a yard to break out my serious mels mix mischief!!

first lady said...

GOOD luck with the gardening thing.
I tried last year to get pumpkin going but all it did was being green, nothing came outta it.
One of our friends out here did that box thing and it worked really good for them..... so here is hoping for u !!!! 1

Amelia said...

Yeah I'm full of energy in my idealized mind but when reality hits we'll see what happens.