Thursday, May 1, 2008

Newstuff, viruses, and not driving

I totally wrote a message on this here, blogger thing, and then I noticed someone left a reply. That was very shocking because the only people who ever comment are my two sisters and I didn't tell them I left a message yet. So I went to check it and I clicked on the name and it downloaded something horrible on my computer. My computer went into virus shock and like starting flashing lights at me and sirens.

So I then deleted the whole message just to spare anyone namely, you, my sweet family the horror of getting the virus too. I told Steph the only people who reply on my blog are like, my family, and freaks. BUT the freaks probably live in like MAlaysia and they think leaving a horrible virus on some poor mom in America's blog gives them an in with like George W. Bush.

So I have to START OVER and restate my first post.

A. I got my hair chopped 2 days ago and donated the whole mess to locks of love, which will probably not show an ounce of love to a kid with alopecia but oh well.

B. I have a new love in my life (hahahahah that just reminded me of that weird dancing scene on DROP DEAD GORGEOUS) it's big, it's black, and it freaks Danny out how much I stare at it. I found this vintage 1922 baby grand A.B. Chase piano on craigs list.

C. I tried to save money by walking to the natural foods store instead of driving to Meijer.

Everything was incredibly expensive. I went in to buy eggs and it was a super rip off. I was pushing the kids in the double stroller too. oh well I burned like a million calories because it was really far and really HOT.


first lady said...

ha ha I saw your post yesterday. and I also click on the reply. but my computer said something funny aka. don't go any father.... luckily I got no bugs

I TOO got my hair cut. I love yours ... doesn't it feel sooooo much lighter !!!! I post picture later tonight after children go to bed, which might be soon. They woke up at a horrible hour 5 am YUCK well time to go

Amelia said...

Hey I'm so glad you wrote me because I lost the link to your blog! I'm sooo proud of you and your blogging. It makes me prouder than a "My child is on the honor roll "bumper sticker.

Rachel H said...

YAYYY!!!!! They Look SOOOOO GOOODD!! Both your piano and the hair!!Eeeeeek! I am so glad you got that sweet deal and surely there will be some very grateful hairless recipients of your locks lof love donation. Your hair is luscious lady elaine. hah.
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

This is the man from Malaysia. Why did you delete my other message? That wasn't a virus. I was trying to trick you into buying realestate for very cheap with a link to my work from home website. Now you will never make a million dollars before july. You are a foolish foolish american woman. This is the last time I try to do a good deed and share the great message of cheap malaysian realestate with YOU! Now I'm really going to send a virus to you!!!!

stratton-blair said...

hoorah! i've tried leaving you messages before and i was definitely denied. haha.

your hair is DIVINE! and sadly the wigs they make for the sick children are terrible! with huge thick bangs!

Amelia said...

Hahaha. That's what I have right now!! I have cabbage patch bangs and I just died my hair like super dark and my mom says I look like an egyptian!