Wednesday, May 14, 2008

MAMA's day

I always feel ambivelent about the forced feeling of okay now we HAVE to get you a gift and tell you we love you because its MOTHERS DAY.

Nevertheless my little fam. did share the love on mothers day.

Danny and Addie woke up early on Saturday and cleaned the whole house top to bottom. That was like a serious gift. Then they ran off and did some mysterious something or other while I taught piano lessons. Once I was done they were like "DONT COME OUTSIDE!!!"

So I meandered around the house and they finally invited me outside where they had cleaned up and weeded a little patch of our front yard and planted some "RED HOT SUSANS" It was sweet. Addie was so excited she was like, "MOMMY this is for you because youre the most perfectest woman!!" hahaha. Here's a picture of Eva enjoying her chocolate chip cookie too.


Rachel H said...

That pic of eva is absolutely adorable. Pretty flowers too!=)

Stephanie and Aaron said...

I got flowers, too--but not the cleaning! I think that would've been the cherry on my mother's day cake if Aaron had cleaned the house! Someone's gonna have to drop him that hint next year :)