Monday, February 9, 2009

my picture thingy is making me crazy.

i love technology...not as much as you you see. but still i love technology. always and forever.

actually I hate technology because it's always BREAKING!!!

One day I was beating an egg with an old hand egg beater I got from someone and I was thinking...I love this thing because it doesn't involve any batteries, cords, plugs, passwords, and all I have to do is turn the handle and it works.
I had peace with my egg beater. I kept thinking about how all of the world needs to go back to egg beaters and who was the dude who invented plugs because he should seriously answer as to why things that need a plug are always busting or not working.

like my new cars battery...

or why this memory card won't just simply let me download my pictures like it has for years

or why dvd's get scratched. And that has nothing with the fact that people in this house like to throw them like frisbees all the time. BLAME TECHNOLOGY

besides that we had an overall okey dokey day.

I taught the piana.

Addie learned about living and non living things and we had fun drawing pictures of non living things like juice boxes and headless barbies. (although when I was little dad you always were telling me the barbies at night would come out of the closet and move around the room and it scared me)

and we made an array of homemade valentines that should arrive in the mail to some of Addie and Eva's favorite peeps.

cute things: Eva's choice maker is in full throttle and she is always specifying things..."NO ADDIE DO DIT" translation (no addie do it) or "ME DO DIT!"

my mind keeps wandering to two years ago right now ....I was only 3 days away from having Eva. It does not seem like it's been 2 years. I wish I could freeze her at one and get her back to hug any time I want to. Now THAT would be something cool unlike stupid old car batteries and memory cards and stuff.


Chapman Channel said...

you are a creative writing genius...I think you should write a book--deep thoughts about a variety of aspects of amelia dotson.

Rachel H said...

Hahaha! I love that. I really want one of those old fashioned egg beaters now!!