Friday, February 27, 2009

I got the i feel like i'm gonna puke my kids has an ear infection blues

After an evening of all the kids jumping into a huge pile of couch cushions for hours on end we all were ready to retire VERRRY early.

Just as I was finishing reading the last part of this child psychology book I've been reading (go ahead and marvel at my ability to read boring books) I started reading twilight just to prove to myself its not really that good.

Eva started screaming and holding her ear. And that continued on the whole night.

In between nursing and screaming I was running to the bathroom feeling very nauseous.

and at 5:45 am an ambulance went down the road and woke us all up. SO we got up. Why not.

And yes Eva still nurses. And she probably will for a long time...and honestly I'm really glad she does because she wasn't screaming while she nursed. SO....there ya go.

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