Thursday, February 19, 2009

toddler tantrums

this second time around of having a toddler I have found the tantrums extremely cute.
the first time with Adelaide I was always a little bit in turmoil, like

"what have I done wrong?"

"Should I put her in her room alone?"

"Should I tell her to stop?"

"should I give in?"

and then I would eventually end up either getting really stressed out or giving in and buying her the king size reese cup she was screaming about.

when Eva pitches her little teeny tiny bod on the floor and starts kicking and screaming ...i want to crack up laughing.

like yesterday I probably looked INSANE because I had Addie and her friend Sam with us and we were leaving the library.

I was carrying a boatload of books in a bag, plus 2 coats, plus 3 story time crafts

then Eva tromping in her little boots decided it was time for a "toddler tantrum" and threw herself backwards on the floor and started kicking her legs ferociously. The two ladies at the desk were watching to see what I was going to do. I tried a couple of times unsuccessfully to pull her up by her coat but I was too overloaded.

So laughing hysterically was my only sensible option.

I got some weird looks from passersby...and eventually Eva miraculously stood up quit crying and walked out of the library!


Rachel said...

always the best approach. . . especially in public!

Michelle Nail said...

You're not alone, I do the same when Atlas is rolling around on the ground and all I'm trying to do is comb his hair...but I think it makes him more mad that I'm laughing! LOL!!

Amelia said...

wow..I didn't know boys fought the hair thing too!