Thursday, February 5, 2009

ups n downs

today has been a day of children screaming.
why...I can't tell you.
we woke up....they watched tv. we did school..they screamed and fought over random things....they went back to watching tv after lunch and I had no energy to turn it off.

wrestling over a ball no one has previously cared about...
i babysat two boys and they all ran and screamed from frankenstein for two hours.
now I'm very very tired.

I wanted to escape tonight and go to Target but Danny got home late and then someone needed him to go help give their kids blessings because they were all sick with some horrible flu/cold thing.
so he is still gone and I am more than ready for EVERYONE to go to bed.

days like this too I honestly think I'm going to have a serious back problem because I'm leaning over and picking things up all day.
complaints over.

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