Monday, January 18, 2010

something else strange

we went to the newport aquarium with a friend and her two little boys. It was our first time so I was glad to have someone be our driver since I wasn't sure how to get there. It was a pretty cool place, it had ALOT of sharks, and shark rays, and you could even TOUCH the sharks which the kids loved.

There was even a huge scale you sat in that would tell you what kind of shark you weighed the same as. So I sat in it...ignorant me, to see what kind of shark I weighed the same as. Little did I know it also broadcasts your actual weight in NUMBERS above the scale on like a scoreboard thingy. So I sat in my large ignorant bliss while people walked by soaking in my own personal weight....which by the way I won't tell to anyone....right now. Except maybe Danny. Because I wanted to tell him I weigh more than he does.

There are also alligators, and loads of fish...with a tunnel of fish you walk through....
instead of taking my new camera I had the kids bring the old camera. I told Kelly (the girl I was with) this old camera stinks but I know if I bring my new one something will happen to it.

So then, we went into the jellyfish room, which was my favorite room, and Eva took the camera to take some pictures and I turned around for a minute and she set it down on the bench she was sitting on. I walked around for a minute and then went back to get the camera and it was totally gone. Someone stole our old camera! So we asked around and it was officially gone.

so the old camera will have to rest in eternal peace with some lucky criminal who will be able to take cruddy 5 megapixel pictures, with a scratched up viewfinder, and a flash that is crazy bright. ENJOY!


Katrina said...

that is so funny about your camera, I swear there are some desperate people out there!! At least now you have no choice but to take AWESOME pics with your new 500x megapixel ( i don't know how to spell) camera! LOL!

dyanna said...

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