Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm feeling better...besides the fact that Eva decided sleep is for the birds...she wakes up every morning (if you can call it morning) at 3-4 a.m. and is pretty much up for the day. Requesting food and drink, and running the halls, with chilly behind her. And Chilly's nails are so long they sound like someone typing on the wood floor.
I hate trimming dog nails! They are so thick and creepy....I don't think we've cut her nails in like a year. But they look okay. I think she bites them or something.
I have babies SO on the brain! I'm so excited for Katrina to have her baby boy...because I feel like it's a precursor to my baby being born. I'm just baby crazed right now. I've knit him 3 hats, I want to make him some swaddling blankies, and I got an itch make these cute onesies that have a piece of material cut into a tie that you sew on. I saw them on etsy and I was so there.
I've read 2 of my natural childbirth books...and I'm just EXCITED!
Now I just need someone to sew my car seat a new cover (RACHEL!!!!) and we are ready to go.
I just have like 2 months left....I'm all signed up to go to the natural birthing center of our hospital. It's pretty's like the only one like it in the whole state. No I.V.'s or monitoring....or drugs.
It's where Eva was born and all those memories.

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