Wednesday, January 6, 2010

and I haven't left the house in at least 3 days.
I'm hibernating.
But today I will leave the house because
we have overdue items at the library and I need a good book to read
and I have to take Addie to girlscouts and its our turn for the snack.
my goal: do not leave the house until February
But if I must I must.

New thought: I love being able to stay home with the youngsters.
Sometimes I think back to the early days of being home when Addie was a newborn.
The days stretched so so so long and I never felt like I was doing anything except
sleeping, and feeding a baby.
I had my whole day mapped out by what horrible daytime TV show was on.
I don't know when all that changed.
But I really love it now...and can't thing of anything I'd be more happy doing in the world....
I always feel like it's a fleeting moment with them...and if I don't have it in my mind no one will.
I truly don't know if anyone else will remember what Eva looked like with fuzzy warble hair flying in the wind, dancing in circles to music. Or the sound of their chirping high voices as they play pretend together.
Or them crowding on my lap for me to read them a story which Addie doesn't want me to read because she already knows how to read and Eva wants to turn the pages before I'm done.
It all makes me very happy and anyways....being with my girls will get me through this big, fat pregnant winter I'm sure.

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Rachel H said...

Awwww-that's really sweet millie!!