Thursday, January 14, 2010

I smell smoke

My mom and I have a mutual hobby of thrift store shopping. We meet up, scour out all the sweet stuff, and always leave feeling satisfied with whatever loot we're carrying out.

Now the goodwill has a bad habit of overpricing stuff, so I've discovered the goodwill outlet.

This is the thrift store for all the people who are too cheap for even the goodwill.

Everything is in huge dirty bins, the smell is one that can't be replicated,(not a good thing) there are people that set up camp there all day and eyeball anyone invading their space. The girls call it the "crazy store" because you hear glass breaking the whole time. But we always find some treasure to take home and it's all sold by the pound so you can get stuff really really cheap.

Our thrift finds haven't always come to a good yesterday.

At the goodwill my mom had spotted an older (not sure how old) stainless steal four slice toaster. For 1.99!

So it was a done deal. I threw out my old grimy toaster we got 10 years ago and I plugged in my shiny new beauty. Then yesterday as I was toasting the morning toast....well..I got distracted. I started reading something, then I was watering the plants, then I was staring aimlessly out the window...when I looked around me and the whole room was filled up with smoke. Addie and Eva came running in saying..."Something stinks!" I started staring at the ceiling, not sure where the source of the smoke was coming from, then I ran into the laundry room thinking the furnace blew up or something, the whole house was getting smokey. I still couldn't figure out where the smoke was coming then I started staring down the garbage disposable....Makes perfect sense...the garbage disposal is on the mean time I throw all the windows open and I turn around and see the toaster ON FIRE!
I grab an oven mitt, and throw two flaming pieces of toast out the window into a heap of smoking snow.
But joyfully I was able to save the toaster. I cleaned it up and it's now toasting fine again.
So all is well that ends well!


Chapman Channel said...

People always burn their houses down with toasters!!! Now we need to give toasters the respect they deserve...they are as dangerous as blenders...mixers...garbage disposals...why do all my examples involved grinding up something? I guess I"m more scared of losing a finger than fire.

Amelia said...

I heard of someone who was paranoid their kids would get up in the middle of the night climb on the counter and turn on the garbage disposal while their foot is stuck in the disposal.

Anonymous said...

Ha!!!LARIOUS. I was rolling on the floor when I got to the part with the garbage-disposal.